"The fun begins at the finish line"

Finish Line Hobbies

Mini Z Winner at Finish Line Hobbies

A. Gulledge is congratulated by owner Jason King and store manager Tom Chaney after winning the inaugural Mini-Z Race. Jason is upset that he was upstaged in his own store. ūüôā

ribbon cutting

Charlotte and Jason (center, holding scissors) are joined by employees, friends and customers as they officially cut their grand opening ribbon on April 30, 2016.

So, even though the grand opening was two weeks ago, we’re still trying to get this blog written!

Finish Line Hobbies had a great Saturday (April 30, 2016), meeting so many of Cheraw’s avid hobbyists! Many visited the store to look and see what we have to offer, some pulled the trigger on purchases, while others placed orders.¬† It was a GREAT DAY!

Jason demo’d¬† a lot of R/C trucks in the parking lot, and even showed those in attendance a micro-drone that he flew in the store- complete with an in-air flip that finished in the palm of his hand!

Congrats to Aaron Gulledge who WON the Mini-Z race with over 100 laps- outlasting those racers who were three times his age. (We won’t mention that he also beat Jason (oops, did I just say that?)

Of course, I must mention Charlotte’s yummy cupcakes and cookies that were decorated in the Finish Line motif.

All-in-all it was a Grand Day for a Grand Opening!


Charlotte’s Coooooookies that she had customized in the Finish Line motif. They were awesome!

Stay tuned, we have lots of things in store next week for our upcoming Father’s Day Sales!

What are you waiting for? Email us, or come and visit–¬† The Fun Begins and the Finish Line!

Sue (Guest Blogger and Coffee Drinker).


Mini-Z R/C Car on the Finish Line Hobbies indoor race track.

We just have to say it. ¬†Finish Line Hobbies has the best customers around! Ever since last week, we’ve been trying to get our grand opening blog written. ¬†Tom has been arriving 30 minutes early every day just to ensure that he gets it drafted before the doors open at 10am. ¬†

Guess what? ¬†Seven days later and we’re still trying to get it written! ¬†Because we have awesome customers who are at the door as soon as we get there! ¬†

Everyone is working overtime to get the store ready for¬†Saturday’s grand opening! ¬†We have tons of new inventory to get on the shelves. ¬†Including a few hot Traxxus products, a variety of drones, and cars to race on our indoor Mini-Z race track.


1969 Camaro Ready to Run

Due to high popularity, plastic model cars and trucks (glue-type and snap fit) now have more shelf-space in the store, and we stock paints, brushes and glues.

Looking for a Traxxas Xmaxx?  We have ONE!  Also, there are new models of RC airplanes and boats too!

Saturday’s “grand” opening will have a little something for everyone, from young to mature.¬† Owners Charlotte and Jason have goody bags for every kid, and the first 10 families to make an appearance will also receive a gift.¬†

Of course, being a sugar fiend, ¬†I can’t wait to get a taste¬†of the¬†sweets Charlotte has ordered in a Finish Line motif!

Store manager Tom Cheney wants racers to remember that qualifying for the big (mini) Z race will begin at 2pm.  Mini-Z racers who have time to stop by the store on Thursday or Friday you may even find themselves a new Mini-Z off the shelf that you want to get tuned up for race-day.

We are working on Mini-Z medals for our top three finishers in Saturday’s race. Stay tuned!

Visitors will still have time on Saturday to complete a card for the drawing for a free Mini-Z R/C race car – but Saturday is the last day, and they’ll be drawing the winner at the open house!
So, Saturday is going to be a blast. Carve out a little time to come by the store to see where fun begins at the Finish Line!

Sue Griggs – cupcake fanatic and stand-in blogger for Finish Line Hobbies.



Welcome to Finish Line Hobbies website and blog!

The Finish Line Store located in Cheraw, SC is officially open!¬† We hope that you’ll plan to visit us in the near future to see the wide selection of “all-things” hobby.

From R/C planes, trucks, boats and drones,  to the exciting world of Z-Track racing, to model building, we plan to have a large selection in-store, and an even larger selection online.

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you!