"The fun begins at the finish line"


Finish Line Hobbies owner Jason King initially started FL Hobbies as a low-key place to hang out with friends and his children as they enjoyed all things “hobby”.

As “friends of friends” starting asking hobby-related questions, he realized he needed to take his store to the next level.

“We were getting so many inquiries about so many different aspects, that we realized we needed to take the next step and open a full-time store,” said King.

King was also interested in giving back to the community that has embraced his trucking company, Service Transportation.

Now, King offers a safe outlet for kids needing an alternative to Xboxes and computer screens, or doing nothing.

Finish Line Hobbies is ultimately a safe place that kids can come and hang out and interact with their peers. Or, a fun place that a parent and child can interact, while discovering a new hobby.